My name is Mary and I have worked in the communication field as well as the education field for years. As a journalist, I was a newspaper reporter and a magazine editor. During this time, I also obtained my master’s degree in communications and I wrote my thesis on “Legal Words Used in Newspapers”. After scouring through many  newspapers to select the few I was going to research, and after compiling, stamping and sending the questionnaires to 1000 members of  the general public, I found that when newspapers defined  legal terms (such as homicide or first and second degree murder), the readers understood the story better than when the newspaper did not define the term. That thesis was the beginning of being aware that our words mean more than I could ever imagine.  

Be aware that I was brought up with the saying, “Be careful what you say because you can never take the words back.” As I have traveled through this life journey, I  found that saying was only the foundation to words and understanding how those words affect who we get along with and why, sometimes, we do not get along with someone else.

Enter my second career (actually, my third because I began this journey with an accounting certificate from a business school, but that is a mute subject , simply background for my personal use)  — education. I started as an adjunct faculty member at a university while I was working as a magazine editor. I taught  Grammar, Composition and Business Communications. Composition was  my forte, although I enjoyed Business Communications.  I was your Composition I educator, teaching how to organize thoughts and form them into sentences and paragraphs. I loved the work. I mean, I loved it. After I switched careers, I lived sometimes an hour from my first class, and  in the winter I would get up at 4 and 5 a.m. to make sure I was at the 8 a.m. class on time. My students knew  I would be there, and I knew they would be there. We talked about words and ideas and topics. And we wrote. And we learned.

During this time I also tutored, both at a university and privately, which I continue to this day. And I love tutoring as much as I loved teaching on the college level. During my tenure in the education field I could actually see when a student’s lightbulb went on. It is an amazing discovery, and I imagine this is the reason why people stay in the education field. Today, teaching is  hard work, long hours, little accolades, but that one minute when you see that student light up, that’s what it’s all about. It’s the same with writing. All these words streamed together form thoughts, and those thoughts are read by one or many, and then one day, someone, somewhere says, “boy, do I understand that. That is exactly how I feel.” Or experienced, or imagined.  And that’s what it’s all about for me — forming words and communicating an idea or thought or experience so I can help someone else get along better in this world or understand the world better or understand the people in this world better.

This is who I am — a simple girl with a simple idea to help anyone communicate better, and that is what this blog is about. I may write on personal experiences with communicating, or on idioms, or  on word choices, or on writing, or on educating, but I will be writing.

Leave your comments, your writing, your thoughts, and together we will attempt to make sense of this world of ours through communication. Welcome to my world!


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