The Jeff Probst show

I am not a fan of the talk show circuit, but sometimes I flip through tv programs when the new season begins to see if any catch my fancy.  One did. Jeff Probst is the host of “Survivor” (which I am hooked on), and he now has his own daytime talk show. It is not your run-of-the-mill celebrity worship show; rather,  he features regular people doing extraordinary things with their lives.

It’s a feel-good about your life hour where he features people who step out of their comfort zone and change their life (for the better).

For instance, this week (the first week) he featured a guy from NYC whose girlfriend broke up with him and he was very lonely. Lonely enough to drive him to putting signs around NYC to call him if they were lonely and they simply wanted to talk. He received some 80,000 calls, and now he has written a book about how much people want to connect.

The other part of the talk show is at the end where Jeff brings two ordinary guys (who may be guests on his show) from the audience and they answer questions about personal relationships  from  the women in the audience. For instance, one woman asked if it was okay to tell the guy she loved him before the guy said it to her. The guys agreed that the guy should tell first. But, there was another train of thought that was to get it out there, and if  the guy didn’t react favorably, it was time to move on. Whatever — it is interesting to hear the different answers.

Jeff and I are on the same wavelength.  The better we are able to communicate, the better we will be able to live the life we want.  But he goes a step further — to act on that life you want. I’m right there with you, Jeff.


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