What some people say!

Sunday night I was channel surfing when I stopped on the “Amazing Race”. It was towards the end of the program so  I  watched the conclusion. The program was recording in Bangladesh, a third world country where people and garbage was everywhere, and it was here that I could not believe what I heard. These two men were partners, and apparently, they hired a local to take them to a spot on the agenda and the local took them the wrong way. They were in last place, but by the local going the wrong way, they would definitely lose the race. That was when one of the men said to the local, “You caused me to lose a million dollars.” Whoa!! That is the most ludicrous statement  I could have heard. First off, they were trailing and from the looks of it, they knew it. Then, they are in a third world country where people live on less than $1000 dollars a year (Wikipedia.org). The local shrugged his shoulder after he heard the statement. Whether he understood what they were saying or not, who cares and who can comprehend what a million dollars is when you don’t even make $100 a month. Really?!?

That statement jogged my memory of other inane statements. I am sure there has been someone in your life sometime, when you have a cold and a horrible cough, and you are hacking  so hard that you feel  your lungs are collapsing and then, you hear “Stop coughing!” Really?!? As if you don’t want to.

Or, I love it when you have the hiccups, you hurt inside because you can’t stop, and there is that voice again, “Quit that!”

Or, you are in bed with your partner, slumbering along when you hear the train coming through the room and feel the earth move under the bed. In a sleepy daze, you know what it is. You, half-awake, turn over, hit your partner, and say, “Stop snoring.” Really?!?

But, the absolute best is when I was a child. I went to a parochial school and we sang in choir. Here I was in my navy blue pleated skirt, white blouse, curly hair pulled back, singing to my heart’s content when all of a sudden the nun taps me on the head with her pitch pipe and says, “Sing right”.  I’m going (in my head, we would never even think of responding to a demand from the sisters) I am singing right, in fact, I am singing the “Ave Maria” aria with the angels of heaven as the background accompaniment, and you’re telling me to “Sing right.” Really?!?

Honestly, what some people say!!!


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  1. Jean

    How about when someone walks into your office with a dripping raincoat and umbrella and another workers says, “Is it raining out?”

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