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It took me nearly half my life to come to terms with sayings people had. I simply never understood their meanings, no matter how many times I heard them. Somedays, I still do not “get it” when people say “whatever” and “there you go”. I do know, though, that those two expressions will stop me dead in my tracks. I do not have a rebuttal after I hear those phrases. Never did, probably, never will.

Once, I had a boss that when we discussed the student’s progress, she would answer with “there you go”. My head would yell, whattaya mean, “there you go”, I was asking for input; instead, I got nothing, and with that nothing, I learned not to ask. What could have been an enlightening moment became a moment of wonder — that is — me wondering what does it mean. ¬†

The same holds true for “whatever”. I can hold a conversation with a person, ask a question, and then get a “whatever”. What in the world does “whatever” mean? It’s another one of those blockers. How in the world can you respond after “whatever”? At this point I figure they are not listening, or they simply do not care. I have learned a little in my ¬†years here. Although I will say it is a good word to use if you disagree with someone but do not want to be confrontational. You simply dismiss that person with a “whatever” and go on your merry way. Tell me, what is a response to “whatever”? It may take me my entire life to figure out that response.

Either term really means the listener/responder simply does not care enough to respond. A sort of apathy. Who cares. Whatever. There you go.



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