Knock your socks off

When I meet with one of my business associates, we talk about good books we have/are reading, and she always mentions my blog. This led her to tell me a story about her young daughter that I need to share.  Apparently, her daughter wanted to do something fun and something that she completely accepted. So, she told her daughter, “knock your socks off”, meaning go, have fun.  Her daughter responded,  “Do I have to take my socks off first?”

Her story reminded me of my own. Al and I had his two grandchildren, Blake and Alexis, in the back seat of our car when he turned around and said, “Do you two burger butts want to go to the Dairy Queen?” They looked at each other with this puzzled look on their faces, not knowing what to say.  After a period of silence,  Alexis said, “Grandpa, we don’t have burgers in our butts.” Needless to say, Al and I looked at each other, laughed, and then explained to them it was just a term of endearment. They ordered the largest ice cream cone they could get!

Ah — the innocence of childhood……




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2 responses to “Knock your socks off

  1. ilovebooksmom

    It’s a little off color but I had to explain what” cut the cheese” meant to my young daughter

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