More on Cheese

When I think of cheese, I think of yellow or white, maybe a sharp cheddar or a munster, but the other day I submitted a first draft to the editor of Yes!, a new magazine that I am writing for, and after thinking about the paragraphs, I e-mailed her to cut the last paragraph because I thought it was cheesy. I would re-write the ending.

The article had nothing to do with the kind of cheese we eat, the gouda or pepper jack; rather, I thought the last paragraph was inferior, not how I wanted the article to end. My cheese went from a tasty delight to an idea that I was not too fond to call my own with a quick drop of the “e” and add the “y”.

The word, cheesy, gives me visions of lasagna layered with myriad types of cheese, while reminding me of a bad character in a “b” film. My article’s ending may have been inferior to my standards, but definitely not the sleazy, cheesy character seen in, say, “Pulp Fiction”.

Geez, it’s just cheese when I eat, but it can be sleazy, cheesy, or seedy when I think of characters or words on paper.

I think I will make some lasagna soon.


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