Once more, I am going to hunker down!

Here, in Chiberia, we had a reprieve from the weather, and we did — for a fleeting moment. Then, during that moment, I dreamt of temperatures hovering around freezing, sunshine, and tempting myself with thoughts of a balmy 40. I didn’t think I was unrealistic — it is winter. Now, reality has set in — the forecast is prepping us for another round of snow and ice with the most on Saturday (all day Saturday) with a possible total of a foot of snow by Tuesday. It has started, but not enough to mention.Then, after we have more of the winter white piled on our driveway, we return to the frigid air. Me — I am preparing to hunker down. Again! Gas is in my car, food is bought, made a list of projects to work on, and, hopefully, I will get out on Sunday. But, there is no doubt, I will be hunkering down.

Strange word, isn’t it? — hunker — the connotation is even stranger. We live in a world where we are to be active, get the muscles moving, stay strong, and yet, when we anticipate we need protection, we hunker down. Literally, according to the Oxford Dictionary, it means to “squat, with the haunches, knees, and ankles acutely bent, so as to bring the hams near the heels, and throw the whole weight upon the fore part of the feet.” (That’s a pretty detailed description of “squat”). 

Personally, I am not going to squat. I am going to simply stay inside for as long as necessary — do a few calisthenics, read a book, write a page or two. And not a minute longer. I am tired of hunkering down; I am getting cabin fever — that claustrophobic feeling when I am in one place too long. If this continues I will be ready to cast my cares to the wind, become the captain of my own vessel. I visualize myself as Kate Winslet, the young Rose, standing at the tip of life, the tip of the Titanic before its impending doom (Maybe I should rethink that scene considering the outcome!)  If I were younger, I would consider sowing my oats, but that is for the young before they settle down. Right now, though, I am hunkering down, readying for the next storm to pass. 

I have a feeling this spring will be more active than most. That is, if we ever get to spring.



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2 responses to “Once more, I am going to hunker down!

  1. Jean Skelly

    I’m all for hunkering down!

  2. Gina

    Stay warm and safe, Mary. I remember days in Chiberia that i would not have traded for anything. Somehow as the years pass by warmer climes are more appealing. We r on our way to a brief evening out, and someday soon you will be sharing 77 degrees.

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