Times have changed

Wow! I had not realized it has been this long since I posted. I have been taking care of business, which turned out to be more involved than I anticipated, but now all is under control and once again I have time to write. Hope everyone is doing good and looking forward to a fantastic summer.

The seasons have changed as well as our language. Recently, I learned that English grammar rules have changed. My acceptance about this change did not come easy — actually, I yelled a little, talked about it to anyone who would listen (which very few would listen to my grammar rants), cried over all the rules I knew and was so proud to say I knew. Then after some time, begrudgingly, I started accepting the changes. For Pete’s sake! they decided to change grammar rules after 150 years, and it had to happen during my lifetime! I guess I will whine for days on end! Time will tell. So, if you know the new rules, I will not be insulted if you correct my grammar. I have decided that I am not going to take a class to learn the new rules; I am going to follow the old rules and leave the new rules to the young, the editors who make a living by knowing commas and capitalization and subject/verb agreement and pronoun reference and …etc ., etc., etc. That was my life then, now I will simply put words together to tell a story, to share information, and not worry about new rules. It  hurts my heart to say that, but I can change, I can be adaptable. I keep telling myself this, over and over. I am a broken record!

Whether we are aware of idioms or not, I used four in the above paragraph — “for Pete’s sake”, “days on end”, “time will tell”, and “a broken record”. I’ve always wondered who Pete was, and one night while I was watching a program on the History channel (one of my favorite channels) the narrator explained that the phrase “for Pete’s sake” references the Apostle Peter. So, now I know who Pete is, but could you imagine coming to a new country and trying to understand all those little phrases/idioms we have and what they actually mean and then now and again, throw in a name. Of course, “for Pete’s sake” is a term used when one is frustrated or annoyed, the same as “for crying out loud” or “for goodness sake”. No one is crying out loud and the word “sake” is not a goodness, but someone is frustrated with an outcome and since we live in America, we tag a saying with a feeling. How about I’m blue over you? Might as well add some color to the phrase.

Look at “time will tell”. I have never known time to tell anything except the hour of the day, but if I need to defer my understanding of an outcome, time will tell. In the course of life, sometimes a situation becomes clearer with time — time will tell. The word “time” is widely used in our language — do you have time to kill? It has nothing to do with murder, but everything to do with the blotting out of time because there is nothing to do at that moment in time — or maybe the time is ripe, I have time on my hands, or it’s the time of my life. Time marches on.

So does “days on end”. Now, what in the world does that mean? Since I am whining for days on end, I will need to whine continually for days without stopping. I do, just not out loud. My grammar rules changed, remember? But. I doubt if I will whine forever, which “on end” means forever,  “without end”. I will end the whining in my head someday when I truly realize that someone else can do my job teaching the rules of grammar.

There I go again, the “broken record”, going on and on and on about the rules, It’s like I’m stuck in a thought and I can’t get out — I’m a broken record. The record is not broken, my thought is stuck, broken, won’t move forward. I’ll need to pick up the pieces once time heals my wounds.

Have a great day!






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2 responses to “Times have changed

  1. Jean Skelly

    I say those things all the time…

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