It’s all about the Chicken

chicken-648668_1280I went to my writer’s group yesterday and Bill was reading a passage he wrote — about chicken feed; you know, many jobs pay chicken feed nowadays. Some professions have seen a raise in recent months, but many have remained status quo since the recession and chicken feed prevails. Actually, he is from Canada and Canada has retired the penny because the paltry cent is basically considered chicken feed, but you could save the pennies and cash in 10,000 of them for the grand total of $100. Chicken feed! I wonder how long it would  take to collect 10,000 pennies? All that chicken feed is heavy when you have to lug it around in your purse or pocket.

Sparking that idea about chicken got me thinking how much we use chicken in our language. Now, this has nothing to do with that good ‘ole southern fried chicken so few of us eat today because of that good but bad fat, but has everything to do with when you chicken out of something because you are too afraid to do it; you’re just a chicken because, face it, you’re just a scaredy cat; or don’t be such a chicken shit, that’s what I will call the scaredy cat when he is too afraid to do the deed. (OK, you can call me that because I take too few risks when it comes to fear.)

I know I’m no spring chicken, but I wasn’t around when Hoover used the term “a chicken in every pot” during his campaign in ’28. Shoot, King Henry IV of France used the term in 1589 when he wanted his peasants to have a chicken in their pot every Sunday. Just Sundays? I wonder what they had in their pots Monday through Saturday, and did they get the chicken in their pot on Sunday? I think Hoover and Henry was talking about the real deal — you know, the chicken we eat.

Now that I am retired, I do not have to run around like a chicken with its head cut off, and I’m old enough to have paid for all those misdeeds of youth, so I am not going to worry about the chickens coming home to roost, and I quit counting the chickens before they hatched a long time ago. Which brings me back to chicken. The kind you eat. All this talk about chicken has made me hungry. So, the question is, do I worry about the good but bad for you fat and have the baked chicken, or splurge and have the southern fried chicken?


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  1. Jean Skelly

    Love this. Also love chicken (fried or baked).

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