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Let’s talk about chuck…

I know, you think I am going to talk about Chuck, that guy Chuck, but no; instead I am going to talk about food, letting go, keeping on, and laughter. Oh, how Chuck gets around!

Could you imagine going to a foreign country knowing a bit of their language and you hear that the chuck was good last night. (I know where your mind is right now!), You heard Chuck, and you are thinking, well, that is a bit personal. But the person is not talking about a person at all, he is talking about food. And now knowing that chuck also means food, we can see how the cowboy came up with chuckwagon —  a wagon of food. On the subject of cowboys, they used chuckwagon chicken for fried bacon, so next time you want some bacon out west, in cowboy land, just ask for chuckwagon chicken and they will think you are half cowboy!

Talking about food, you might also hear chuck it down, which nurses and wait staff know fairly well as they have learned to eat very quickly. So, the chuckwagon may have been on site, but in order to get the job done, you just gotta chuck it down. But don’t eat too quickly or get too chucked (intoxicated) and you may upchuck. Ick!

Then there are days when you need to let it go, chuck it. Here, you just might have had enough and know when it is time to let a notion or emotion go. Chuck could have chucked the spoiled chuck when he realized the frig needed to be chucked. But we never want to chuck it in until the very last minute because we never want to give up.

There are always woodchucks (groundhogs) in February telling us how many more weeks of winter, and then at Easter we may refer to chucky as a little chick.

Playfully, you just may call someone a numchuck, not really meaning he is an idiot. You may also chuckle when you call out someone is a numchuck because laughter really is the best medicine. And I sit hear, typing this, chuckling to myself, thinking Chuck has come a long way — from a man to food to letting go and keeping on to the one thing that is so important to me — laughter.

Until next time, Keep on chuckling…


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