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I have been traveling a bit this summer, and one of my trips led me back to Illinois for a few weeks. While there, I visited family and friends, and had a glorious time with everyone. One of those friends traveled to Florida with me a few years back, and then we stopped in a quaint little town named Micanopy. It is not too far south of Gainesville, and quaint in the sense that its few streets are lined with weeping trees and magnolias; houses are colorful in shades of purple and pink and turquoise and lemon with wrap around porches, and if your imagination will let you, you are taken back to another century drinking iced tea, fanning your face to keep the air swirling on this hot summer day. I had to stop on my return trip to Florida, and so I told my friend that I was going to visit this southern town with its two-block long business district of antiques and restaurants. There is one gift shop, but do not plan on shopping for souvenirs; rather, artsy decor. I like it.

In the conversation about Micanopy, we discussed the pronunciation of the town. I thought it should be Mic a no py, she thought it should be Mi can o py. I was on a quest. I had to learn the correct pronunciation once I returned to the town, so I stopped in a shop where a woman was making a stained glass window. I talked to her for quite some time as I am learning how to do this art form, and we finally got around to discussing the pronunciation of the word. She pointed her finger at a rack of t-shirts (I guess you could say this would be a souvenir) and on the shirt was Mick-a-no-pee, explaining that question came up a lot so they decided to settle it with a printed t-shirt. I was satisfied.

In the course of my quest, it reminded me of another time when a word’s pronunciation was at question. Years ago, when I graduated college, I went to Florida to work as a journalist. While there, I always remember overhearing this conversation.

Two people were talking, and one was saying he was going to Pu bick after work. He went on and on about Pu bick, and it was a great place to go. Finally, after some time, the other guy asked where this Pu bick was, thinking it was an odd name for a store. The first guy said, it’s in the round-a-bout, I buy my groceries there. The second guy responded, it’s Pub lix, not Pu bick.

Hey, have a great day, and a better week.


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