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Update on Miswords

I have decided to resurrect this blog in August. I will keep all the original posts but will go forward from there after I return from Alaska. I am putting together a list of idioms, cliches, and phrases we use in our “everyday” language that I will have some fun with. If you have any ideas, simply leave me a comment and I will include the phrase in one of my posts. For those who follow me on google, I continue with that blog, although I am changing that as I blog. Mondays, I write on something to do with health, such as “Why 10,000 steps?” and this week it was on Metabolism, or for those who know me, why I am as slow as a turtle….I find with the google blog I am defining it as time marches on. After much thought about Miswords, I definitely see the focus of this blog, and I am itching to get back to it. Lots of ideas.

On another note, my collection of short stories is near completion. I have the final two scenes of the final story to rewrite. Then, off to the editor, then the readers, then more work, more editing, and in between time, I need to have a web page made and learn all I can about self-publishing (Indie).

On yet another note, I am considering starting a business of being a personal historian where I interview and write other people’s life stories or corporate stories. I could also throw in a bit of genealogy research, too, since I am into that. Still toying with this idea and won’t seriously put together a business plan until after the collection in completed. Have an idea and a rough outline of a series of books, and I am talking to soldiers to take their stories down and compile them in a collection. Historical fiction because I was not there.

They are right — we boomers are redefining retirement. I figure I have a good 20+ years left of mindful thinking and I am going to be writing my little heart out. Maybe there was a Grandma Moses, but this one is going to be called Aunt Mary…..

For those people around the world who have signed up to follow me, I will be back and I hope that you can learn some of “our” phrases and what they mean.

Until then, have a great day…..



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