Taken To the Cleaners

I had this three-quarters length coat that I absolutely loved. Its’ material was boiled wool, and it really needed a good cleaning, so I took it to the cleaners. I asked if the coat should be dry cleaned, and the girl said, “Yes, we can do that.” Trustingly, I handed my favorite coat over to the girl and waited the two days until it was ready. I looked at the cleaned coat under plastic wrap, paid the bill and took it home. It looked good to me.

A few weeks later, I was going to wear my newly cleaned coat that I took to the cleaners, removed it from the plastic wrap, and it looked a bit short. My three-quarters length coat turned into a jacket. The sleeves were okay, the width was okay, it was just the length that shortened. I couldn’t believe it. I went back to the dry cleaners, but they were gone, for what I thought was the day.

Since there was nothing that could be done about getting the length of my coat back, and it was more of a complaint about their knowledge and practices, I did not hurry back, but did go back to the dry cleaners more than once, and each time they were closed. Then, one day, the sign was on the door — “Building for Lease”. I went to the cleaners to be taken to the cleaners!

The dry cleaning establishment “cleaned me out” of my original coat and the money I paid for it to be cleaned. Small experience, huge lesson.

Remember Bernie Madoff — he may have been a fraudster, but he definitely took many, many people to the cleaners — relieved them of their money, for sure. But, he’s not the only one. There are many people and businesses today that want to relieve others of their hard earned cash — case in point, the CEO  of a drug company that upped the price of the common drug 400% because he could. People knew they were taken to the cleaners from this drug company and they complained. Enough so that the government got involved, and I believe to date, the drug company is paying a very nice fee to attorneys to keep the head of the drug company out of prison . When people are not careful, they will be taken to the cleaners. It’s simply an ongoing battle, because someone always wants your money.

Another great example is the scams going on throughout our world. When a person falls for the scam, they are usually taken to the cleaners. Recently, I was one who initially fell for the scam, then stopped. It was the one where someone got into my email and said they were Microsoft and they needed to clean my computer, it was infected. I talked to the person on the phone and then, the person wanted around $400 to clean my computer. Shoot, I didn’t pay that much more for the machine, and thought I could buy a new one first. I told the person I would get back with him, took his number, then called my nephew, who works in the computer industry. I had been had as soon as I talked to the other person on line. I was infected all right, from the scammer — thank you so much, scammer! Needless to say, I contacted Microsoft, then the FBI to report the abuse. Then, I took my computer to Staples, and they cleaned it out for me, and I got super, guaranteed anti-virus ware. It cost me about $400, but the original scammer did not get that money — I was taken to the cleaners but who thought was going to get the money, did not. And I learned.

I don’t gamble a lot, but when I go to the casinos, I know that I am always taken to the cleaners.

But there is more


031205-N-2468S-002 Catania, Sicily (Dec. 5, 2003) — Members of U.S. Armed Forces WomenÕs Volleyball team blocks an Italian player from scoring during the 3rd Military World Games held in Catania, Sicily. The Military World Games consists of 86 participating countries and were designed to promote “Peace through Sports.Ó U.S Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Terry Spain. (RELEASED).


When one team beats another by a wide margin, the other team can say they were “taken to the cleaners”. Beaten bad. Every once in awhile, we will see those type of scores from football teams — you know, the 21-0 score or the 42-6 score. Someone was really taken to the cleaners with those scores.

Here, in America, we are taken to the cleaners — a lot — if our guard is down. I will go back to a cleaners, but I bet I will never be taken to the cleaners by a cleaner again. And between time — it’s checking everything twice so I am not taken to the cleaners on prices and services. Services are another story. Slowly, I am learning who are the honest businesses in my new area, but before that, when I first moved to Florida — I was taken to the cleaners over and over — because I did not know anyone to know who was honest. Now, I do, and I doubt if I will get taken to the cleaners as much. It’s all in the game!


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