Bad Blood

When I hear the idiom “bad blood”, the “Cops” theme song runs through my head — “bad boys, bad boys, what ‘cha gonna do when they come for you”, but “bad blood” has nothing to do with an individual having bad blood — being a “bad” person. Actually, “bad blood” has everything to do with emotions.

The negative emotions.

Long ago, bad blood meant you were angry. We have kept that definition through the years, only it is tweaked now. Modernized. Now it means ill feelings between two people or two groups of people. I think of the famous feud, Hatfields vs. McCoys. Now, there was some bad blood there! And if I wanted to get technical, I imagine I could find some real “bad blood” within those two groups, and I don’t mean emotions, I mean “bad boys”. My family had a vendetta also that carried through the years.

Story — When I was deciding which university to go to for my Master’s Degree, I applied to my undergraduate school, then looked around for housing. I was interested in this one mobile home, but once the owner found out my last name, he instead told me to get off his property and never come back. Unknowingly, I would say there was some bad blood there.

Sometimes bad blood is carried through generations and centuries. Mine has.

Could “bad blood” be used to describe a person who is “bad” — one who is wicked or immoral? I believe so. I wouldn’t want to impose the stereotype on a prankster or a person who is petty in his activities, but one who is truly “bad” would have “bad blood” — I am thinking of the Neros through the ages, the people who kill and torture for the sake of killing and torturing. These people are “bad”, there is some bad blood running through their veins.

So, what is “bad”? It could mean something as simply not good, such as a person, or food, or a road that needs to be fixed. Good and bad are such subjective, abstract words — left up to another individual to decide what the word means (for them). I can describe food or a road (the concrete words), but really, what makes a person good or bad? I define a bad person as the Neros of the world, as I have defined above, and the good person as the Mother Teresas of the world, helping another without wanting a personal gain.

Continuing with “bad”, I could be described as a bad singer — not good, or maybe I have a bad debt — an amount of money I owe someone. Then, there is a diet that is bad, that would have to be the junk food diet, that is bad for you, harmful to you.

Now, since we can basically say that the word bad is a negative word, I am going to throw a wrench (another idiom to write on at a later date) in this entire piece — you can also feel bad for a person. That also is an emotion, but it is a positive emotion because it is showing empathy — understanding how another feels.

What does all this show? That in the midst of all the bad blood, there is good that emerges, with a little empathy for a friend or a stranger!

And now I have that dang “Cops” song going on in my head.”Bad boys, bad boys, what ‘cha gonna do when they come for you”…

Until Friday…we have a bad storm a comin’, it’s called a hurricane, so I hope I am up and running (another idiom) Friday….





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2 responses to “Bad Blood

  1. Vince

    Great Post! Just want to Comment. Yes in the bold terms BAD and BLOOD are referred in the past as what the both Terms Express. However; in the World we Live in; BAD = Good. and BLOOD = Enemy. Meaning; When someone says “That’s Bad” – they are saying that’s COOL! and when someone says they are “Blood” – they are saying they are part of the family. So “Bad Blood” = COOL FAMILY!

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