Having Second Thoughts

There are times in life when we decide to do something and after thinking about the decision long and hard, or talking to someone else about the decision made, or researching the idea more, we may have second thoughts on our decision. If we have not signed on the dotted line (made a firm commitment to our decision), we may be able to change it. If the firm commitment is made, then we will need to live with the results.

Many years ago I had to make a decision that would impact my life and many people around me. It was a very difficult decision, and I vacillated on the decision for many weeks. I knew I could not discuss the decision with anyone because whoever I talked with would sway my decision according to what they wanted the outcome to be. So, I did research (and this was before the handy internet). I read and read, read books, and read magazine articles. I had to be sure of all the second thoughts I was having about the decision I had to make. After all the research, my second thoughts about my decision was settled. I made a decision based strictly on facts, and I never had another second thought about my decision.

The run away bride or groom had second thoughts while getting ready for the marriage.

When l first made this most recent major move from one part of our country to another, I had many second thoughts (basically, I thought I was crazy to go through everything just to be in a warmer climate all year). And I could have changed my thoughts, I could have packed up and went back to where I came from. But I did not, and as I finally unpacked the last boxes, bought the furniture, and enjoyed the daily sunshine my second thoughts left me.

The first year college student who really does not want to go to college will quit after having second thoughts.

Don’t confuse “having second thoughts” with “on second thought.” On second thought is nearly instantaneous. It is not toying with an idea because here you consider the idea but not seriously — you’re toying around. But, on second thought you have said something — like, “Let’s go to the amusement park?” Then, almost immediately you realize you don’t want to spend the day there because you really want to go to the zoo, so you say, “On second thought, let’s go to the zoo.”

All in all, when you have second thoughts, there are many considerations you have given to your decision. When you say “on second thought” you are basically saying what is going on in your head at that time and just thinking out loud where your decisions may change in an instant.

Me — well, on second thought, maybe I should be having second thoughts about all this!

Hey, have a great day…


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