And How!


The exclamation mark — used to indicate a strong feeling.


Sometimes, simply the words we use are a given for the punctuation mark we make, or the tone of voice we use, or the way we say it.

And How! is one of those phrases. Simply, it means that the listener is agreeing with what the speaker has said, and the listener uses the phrase to emphasize that the statement is exactly what he thinks, too. Such as, “When I go to a buffet, I always overeat and then feel miserable for the rest of the day.” The listener agrees, but wants to emphasize that is exactly how he feels, too, so he responds, “And how!”

This phrase is used casually when we agree with someone, but it is an opinion. Such as, “Wow! did you see him hit that ball?” meaning it was a good play, and might get a response of “And how!” agreeing, Wow! that was a good hit. But, it’s an opinion — one person’s good hit is not another person’s good hit. (But we won’t get into that right now!)

On the flip side of the “And how” exclamation is “You’d better believe it!”

We use “you’d better believe it” when we know something is true and the message should be taken seriously. Such as, “Climate change should be considered a future threat to our existence and should be investigated thoroughly.” which could get the response of “You’d better believe it!” The second speaker wants to emphasize that the topic is true and should be taken seriously.

“Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking are two of the greatest minds of our times”

“You better believe that!”

And with that, I leave you with two quotes:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” — Albert Einstein

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” — Stephen Hawking

Until Friday…have a good one!



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