I’m Tickled Pink

watercolor-1588805_1280I am just so pleased with myself for getting all my projects completed before the end of the year that I am tickled pink.

No, that does not mean that I am being tickled by a pink feather, but it does mean that I am very pleased with my accomplishments. It could also mean that I am entertained with something, such as I am tickled pink that I was able to see the Rolling Stones concert live.

I could have said I am tickled to death and it means the same, being very pleased or entertained, but it’s just me with the word “death”. How in the world can you be pleased about the phrase “tickled to death”? It reminds me of someone who has been tickled to death. Really. Tickled.  To. Death. I wonder if that has ever happened? Being tickled to death. I know I have laughed so hard I could nearly pee my pants and I think that my heart has stopped when I have been tickled, but I don’t die. Or, when I have laughed so hard at a comedy routine or funny story, the same has happened, but I may feel that I am dying, but I am not even close to death. I am greatly amused.

Oh, I just looked up if you could die from being tickled, and yes, it does happen. Ut oh, I better watch it when I laugh that hard. Actually, you die from a heart attack or asphyxiation (basically, this is choking), but it has happened, and this has been reported as early as the Greek days of long ago. You’re never going to believe what this type of death is called? — fatal hilarity. Now that term tickles my fancy.

The term does appeal to me because it actually says what it means. So much of our English language says one thing but means another. That is my purpose of doing this idiom blog. What in the world do we really mean with all our phrases?

I can say, though, that it does tickle my fancy when I can look up the meaning of anything at the flick of my wrist, especially when I am tickled pink about accomplishing all those projects. After this little bit of research, I am going to steer clear of being tickled to death, even though I could use it in the place of tickled pink, but then, you really can die from being tickled. Oh my! I am always learning something.

Have a great weekend…


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