Variety Is the Spice of Life

I can’t say everyone (because I know of people who do not like to shake “things” up in their life), so I will say most people like a little if not a lot of variety in their life.

I know I do.

This idiom/phrase was brought to my attention while I was in S. Carolina for the Christmas holiday. Really don’t remember what led us to discussing this idiom, but it was my nephew Jeff who brought it up when he asked if it was the variety that spices life or was it the spices that brought variety into our lives. Ah, a play on words.

I would have to say it is the variety of experiencing new adventures that spices or flavors our lives. At least with me. I have never been one to only do one task in life. If I am writing, I am researching and while that is physically going on, my mind is whirling on which trip to take next, which project to start next. Throw in a phone call from a friend, stage tickets, movie plans, places to explore, people to meet and talk with, exercises to do, and an entire hosts of ideas to explore to round out my life. Yes, I like variety, and to never sit still; although; spending an enormous time at the computer, I do sit still. And all while I am sitting, I keep remembering Ernest Hemingway’s quote that I heard — to not sit too long because it makes your ass wide. Oh, I need to get up and do some bends!!! And that is just the beginning of variety.

cooking-spicesBut what about the play on words — is it spices that bring variety/flavor to life.

The flavors of life — the aphrodisiacs of youth, the lavenders of soothing body and mind, the hot peppers of dance, and the sages, rosemary and thyme of song.

There are so many flavors of life.

Maybe, just maybe, if we think long and hard about the play on words, spices can bring variety to our life if we understand that the variety is brought on by the flavors of life, but I would rather leave the play on words to the flavors of food and how the different flavors when using spices can bring a variety of tastes to our buds.

And that leads me to the original saying, penned in 1785 by English poet William Cowpen in his poem “The Task,” when he writes:

“Variety is the very spice of life. That gives it all its flavor.”

I will choose his penned words that “Variety is the spice of life” as I follow my dreams and aspirations of this life to make my life interesting and my experiences varied and longstanding in the recesses of my mind.

How do you shake up your life to give it some variety?

Until Friday…have a great week.



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    I see, so like me you are, or is it, I am so like you?

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