Stink Eye vs. Evil Eye

I had never really heard of stink eye until someone asked me to write about it. I understood what it was, thinking more of Popeye’s expressionpopeye-1 than people in every day life using it. But, I was dead wrong! People use it all the time, and I was simply unaware of its name. I called it “the look” or “the eye”, meaning you better shape up. As I researched this facial gesture, I found that Michelle Obama used it toward her husband when he was taking selfies at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. In fact, she uses the “stink eye” quite a bit, as the news named she has used it on former House Speaker John Boehner and France’s First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy to name a couple more.

Really, though, what is it?


Remember the look Kramer used to give on TV’s Seinfeld? You knew what that look meant.

Sometimes people call this look a “dirty look” where it has nothing to do with being “dirty” but you better believe that no word is needed when this look is given.

The dictionary said it could be a glare. But it is more than a glare, and not as malevolent as the glare of what may be termed as the “evil eye”. You do not want anyone to give you the “evil eye”. It may look like a “stink eye” or a “dirty look” but the “evil eye”  is meant to cause damage to a person, either physically as in an injury or wishing bad luck on the person. There’s a lot of anger associated with the “evil eye”, and a lot of disapproval associated with the “stink eye”.

Either way, just to be on the safe side, I thought I would tell you about the “Nazar Boncugu” eye.evil-eye

This little gem is to protect its owner from evil spirits and jealousy. Actually, the “evil eye” has been around about 5000 years and is mentioned in most religions of the world, and still thought true to this day in many parts of the world.

Some time ago, I made jewelry and I have many beads that have “the eye”. Now I know what “the eye” means. Also, a former Turkish airline, “Fly Air”, used the “Nazar” eye on its tail. The eye wards off evil spirits as we walk among others or fly the (un)friendly skies.

Something's watching...

Maybe I should keep a bunch of these amulets around for when people give me the stink eye. I will never know what the underlying meaning is when I am given “that look” and with this little gem, I will be protected.

Ah….superstitions. Are they real?



Until next week….have a great weekend…



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