Almost Doesn’t Count

Tuesday, I wrote on the phrase, “Close, but No Cigar” which means it came close but it did not succeed, which took me to another phrase of “Almost Doesn’t Count” which basically means nearly doing something is not the same as actually doing it. Well, of course that is true. When you use either one of these phrases it tells us that unless we do something, it’s really not done. Of course, of course, I get it. I can talk all day about accomplishing a project, but until it is completed, it is not finished.

The similarities between these two phrases are close and yet slim.

The first phrase may mean that the attempt is made, but until it is finalized, it is not a success. Look at the TV show “Shark Tank”. Many people come on that show in hopes of being recognized for their entrepreneurship in creating a new product or a new twist on an old product. Some people win the sponsorship of one of the Sharks and their lives change. Some people come close to having a chosen mentor, so they are “Close, but no cigar” — they did not succeed in gaining one of the golden foursome’s wisdom and talent to take their idea to the next level. I believe many people in life fall in this category. We try, we reach for the moon, but we don’t quite make it — we land on a star, which isn’t all that bad in my head.

For another person, the phrase may mean that I did not succeed this time, but I will try again. (Yes, I am the eternal optimist!)

Then, there is the person who talks about completing a project, may even put forth the effort to gather necessary tools and prepping for the project, but it never quite gets started. I think we all know one of these people. There is the man who starts a remodel job but it never quite gets off the ground. He may have bought the supplies for the job, but he never really starts it, or he may work on it for a couple of hours or maybe a day, and then, it sits for days — sometimes years. Then, there is the lady in my stain glass group where she started a window for her husband for his birthday — that was 7 years ago. She keeps saying, “It’s almost done”, which may get a response of “almost doesn’t count”. Until it’s done, it’s not done.

Which brings me to the word of “almost”. We use this word all the time. “I was almost hit by that car”, “I almost have the house cleaned”, “I almost fell on the ice”…, like I said, we use the word all the time.

Which brings me to my use of “almost”. I am almost done with my book. It has been written, it has been edited, it has been read and reread and reread and edited some more, it now has a book cover, and I am almost there. I am in travail (and yes, that is the correct word because there is pain and suffering as I finish my project) because I have never self published before. But there is always next time… when I will know better then.

And there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Until Tuesday…have a great weekend…


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