Healthy As A Horse

I am lucky. I am healthy as a horse, if you take away the arthritis, and I do not count arthritis as an ailment; rather, a nuisance. There are simply no big concerns and if there became one, it would surprise me.

horse-running-on-the-beachSo, why in the world am I compared to a horse?

Sure, this is one big, beautiful animal, but how did human health become equated with a horse? Let’s think about this for a bit. Horses are strong, carry the weight of people or supplies on their backs. They are swift and have the ability to run miles without becoming winded that would require them to slow down or stop. They are workers, hence, the saying, “She works like a horse”. They are also in good shape. Shoot, they get a lot of physical exercise, more than humans get. We humans do not stand on our feet all day, we sit on our rump most of the day. Horses eat plants instead of meats, something only vegetarians do. They are sociable animals — you may see this one above as a solo runner, but if you were to go into the wild, you would see a herd of horses running together. Our modern world is becoming less and less sociable with everyone peering, neck bent into a small screen to play a mind-numbing game or tweet what we eat. So few people today run like horses, in a group. And when humans run in groups we call them gangs, and gangs have a negative connotation, owing or being owned by someone else, instead of running free like horses.

The sad part of being a horse is when it gets sick, it is “put down”. Maybe that is being more humane than how we sometimes treat the sick human. Old horses are “put out to pasture”, and to me that is definitely better than the alternative of sticking an elder in a room with four walls to wither the days away.

Still, why a horse? Why not healthy as a bear? Bears are also big and symbolize strength. But, bears scare me. Horses don’t scare me. Tigers also are big and symbolize strength. Why not, I am as healthy as a tiger? Once again, tigers signify more than strength, they symbolize boldness and fierceness They also would scare me if I met one alone on the plain. I could be its dinner. I could be the bear’s dinner. Even though bears and tigers symbolize strength, they also bring forth a degree of danger. That settles that. I will stick with the horse.

Now, I need to wrap this up because I am hungry as a horse.

Until Friday…have a great week…





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