Seeing Eye to Eye

Since I wrote about “an eye for an eye” on Friday, I need to expand a bit to “seeing eye to eye”. eye-1348825358VkPBoth of these “eyes” were more relevant yesterday than today. Now, at least I hope, we do not punish by “an eye for an eye” and trying to be politically correct, very few people see “eye to eye” on anything.

The correct definition of seeing “eye to eye” is to agree about something with someone else. I would be in full agreement with that person; I would not concede (give in to) or recognize or settle upon an agreement. I would undoubtedly agree. There may be a time or an idea that I may see eye to eye, but not really. More so, I would have a liked mind with that person. I would understand that person’s stand and agree that person had some truth that corresponds with the idea I have, but to agree fully? I doubt that. Why? Because each one of us brings our own experience and knowledge to the ideas that surround us. I perceive the world different from any other person, as well, you do, too. But, because of similar backgrounds or experiences, we could have liked minds, and to not have to go into explanations, we simply say, “I see eye to eye with my boss” or “I need to find another job because I do not see eye to eye with my boss”.

Originally found in Isaiah in the Old Testament of the Bible (52:8) it states, “…together they sing for joy, for eye to eye they see the return of the Lord…” But  that does not have the same meaning as in full agreement, not even having a liked mind. Even though this quote is connected to this idiom, the translation has to do with seeing with one’s own eyes.

Interesting, huh? So what we say and mean to say may really have no background in the originality of a saying. And that is where idioms come in. Right now, seeing “eye to eye” means I agree with you without going into an explanation, or being politically correct, or trying to decipher what the words really mean. It means I agree. Not necessarily in full agreement (even though that is what the definition says), the saying is more lax. “Hey, I am eye to eye with you on that one!”

There are just so many eyes — there is an eye opener, where I have just been enlightened, or maybe I need to keep an eye on the price of a stock, where I keep the stock under my supervision, or maybe I meet someone who is pleasing to my eyes, ooohhh a pleasure to look at. And I am sure most people will see eye to eye with me on that last one — it’s always great to see someone who is easy on the eye…

Until next time…have a great one!




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