Cooking with Gas

I’m on a roll, cooking with gas — and that has nothing to do with cooking a meal or a dessert. It means, I’m on fire, full of enthusiasm. Everything is going right, and all is well with the world (for the minute!). Not only that, but since I am on a roll, the cooking just keeps on cooking. I am pumped!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I may be cooking with gas, but it might have something to do with “now you’re cooking”. When a person responds to another with “now you’re cooking”, it means you are doing what you should be doing. It’s kinda like “now you’re talking” because you finally have a good idea, the right idea, which will bring you to cooking, doing what you were meant to do, which, with time and patience, you will be cooking with gas, and that will lead to being on a roll, having that cooking continuously happen.

9And none of this has to do with preparing a meal. Or even about a stove, even though the phrase/idiom began with someone from the gas industry.

Back in the 1930s there was a man named Deke Houlgate who worked for the American Gas Association. The gas industry was trying to persuade the American public that cooking with gas was the most efficient way to cook. So, Deke coins the phrase and then passes the phrase on to Bob Hope’s writers, and voila’, the phrase is passed around Hollywood and through the television set, becomes a household phrase.

Thumbs upBut, please do not confuse “now you’re cooking” with “cooking with gas”. There is a difference. When you’re cooking, you are doing something right. It’s like the thumbs up you feel as you continue down the road, knowing you are doing something right.

Then, along comes “cooking with gas”. See that flame above. Now that’s enthusiasm. Lots of it. You’re hot, pumped, better than a thumbs up, the almighty sign that it is right. When you’re cooking with gas, you are that flame, ready to heat the world.

And so it goes…

Have a great weekend…



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