Fat Cat

photo-downloadI went to my writing group today and we made a general consensus that we were dog lovers. Well, to tell you the truth, I like dogs, but I am a cat person myself. I like their independence. And really, don’t you just love this one! Lounging, no doubt. One fat cat!

But there’s more than one meaning to that fat cat. Sure, it could mean a very healthy weighted furry animal — and then it could mean the money man, the fat cat of politics. You know, he’s the guy who carries the money purse with power and influence to whoever is in office. It’s how our government runs. The fat cat is the one who calls the shots, tells us how our world will run over the next years. It’s been that way for a long time — maybe since the beginning of political times. When you use “fat cat” for that political money man, it is meant in a derogatory way. I could picture that “fat cat” looking just like the cat pictured above. Lounging back, giving orders on how he wants to see the world evolve.

DonCaricature_of_-Organized_Big_Business_Interests-‘t get the money man mixed up with moneybags. Moneybags refers to a wealthy person, and usually people refer to that big spender outside of his earshot, but moneybags is not used derogatively, it is simply referring to a person who has wealth and throws it around for everyone to see. We have all seen those people during our life, whether their wealth is real or superficial. People love to show their money!

Then, there is the “fat cat” which refers to a rich and greedy person, or let’s say a corporation. We are used to those types of people and corporations in this 21st century — think of Bernie Madoff or the big banks. Here, it’s still derogatory, but in a different sense. These “fat cats’ are greedy — want what they have and what you have. I say run, don’t walk, from these fat cats.

The other “fat cat” is the one who becomes lazy and self-satisfied because of his privilege. Notice, I say privilege, not wealth, even though wealth is implied. I really can not think of any of those people in today’s society. I am sure there are those around, but those who come to mind with this meaning were the genteel class of the 19th Century — you know the land baron in England where all they had to do was whittle their time away reading poetry and partaking in fox hunts — think “Downton Abbey”, which I absolutely loved watching on PBS. And you know what happened to them — the time ended for them, and they actually had to work for a living. Amazing. Just goes to show you that the “fat cat” better be busy his entire life or the fat cat will become the lean cat.

Whichever way they are, I still like cats. The furry kind, that is.

Until later…have a good one!


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