Fire at Will

I made a mistake on Friday when I wrote about Fire it Up, Will. That is not what the ad said. After seeing the ad again on TV, I paid more attention and the birds were saying “Fire at Will.” Or, at least I think that is what they were saying. The thing is that people only retain about half of what they hear, and then lose another half of that within the first couple of days. So much for me writing about what I hear on TV because I am not hearing half of what I thought I heard. There are three words in Fire at Will, I thought I heard Fire it up Will. And there is a world of difference in the meaning of those two phrases. So, I did hear a half of what I heard, “Fire” and “Will”. And on Friday I thought the rest of it was “it up” when in actuality it was only “at”.


Without going into what I wrote on about Fire it up Will, Fire at will is a military term when cannonballs were used. Apparently, some men were better at loading the cannons than others and after the generals realized this, they wanted the speedy military men to fire when they were ready instead of having to wait until everyone was ready, so the generals gave the orders to fire at will, allowing those men to fire at their discretion when they were ready.

Now, I don’t think that the birds were meant to be say to go ahead and shoot a gun (or cannonball) so, this other bird is insinuating that the unknown person in the clip may mean fire at Will (the man). Poor Will! So, really, what was the ad saying.

I think that this is just about as confusing as the ad — first off, I did not hear all the words, then is it to fire at your will or is it to fire at Will. Either way, if you are confused, I am even more so. I will remember the ad because I have made such a big deal of it in my mind, but who knows what I will ever remember about it in a month from now. By then, the birds could become people, the wire they were sitting on may become vehicles, and they may be saying shoot them up boys. So much for believing what you see or what you hear. What’s that old saying — believe a half of what you see and a quarter of what you hear. Now, I believe that…

As for tv commercials, there is nothing like the iconic “Where’s the Beef?” Plain, simple and demonstrative because the woman opened the hamburger bun to show you there was more bun than beef.

Have a great one…



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