Ready to Roll

Yes, I have been gone from here for quite a while. That was not my intention, but it just worked out that way. The beginning of June I left the area to go north, to my hometown, to promote my first book, “Echoes From the Heart: Nine Short Stories” by me, Mary Bulliner. First, I am extremely proud of myself for accomplishing a dream come true, then I am extremely pleased that so many family and friends came out to share in my celebration of creating these stories. I thank each and every one from the bottom of my soul. All in all, the trip was a huge success.

I thought I could work ahead to write blogs and post later. It did not work out that way. Yes, I did a couple of blogs and scheduled postings, and I thought I would be able to write while I was on the road. I found out that I am not that disciplined. After putting in a day of driving, the last thing I wanted to do was sit down and write. Then, I thought I would simply go to the library in town and write a few posts. That did not work out that way, either. I was too busy seeing everyone and being social and getting ready for the book signings and seeing how the town has changed and eating at the new restaurants and…you get it, anything and everything but writing my posts. So, my presence here has been absent, but my blog has constantly been on my mind, me listening to people and hearing and taking note of all the idioms we use in our everyday language.

And we use a lot — I mean, a lot, of idioms. In fact, our talk is based on those expressions we so love to use. No wonder our language is so hard for people of other lands to learn.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESNow, I am back. I am ready to roll.

No, I am not ready to roll any logs, or roll out the carpet, or even be on a roll (that will be seen with time). But I am ready to roll. I am ready to start the next journey in my life, and that is continue with the blog, complete my author page, and write a new book — this time a novel, not short stories.

I wrote the short stories because I wanted to find out what my audience likes to read, and, well, I just like writing short stories. What I found out about my audience — you — helped me understand where I am going with my writing. Today’s reader likes to get into the stories, so they need to be full size books — that’s about 80,000 words, folks. (That was proven by John Doe #23 being everyone’s favorite and that short story was over 12,000 words). Then, on top of that, readers like series, they like stories that continue one after another.

So, that is what is coming. I knew it was coming before I knew what the audience wanted, but I wanted to know for sure.

The next book, the first in a series, will have the main character and her brother live in Florida; and she will have a sister who lives in Illinois. This coming Sunday I am going to take a drive over in the St. Petersburg’s area for possible scene settings. This will be fun to write. In my head, I am becoming familiar with my characters. They are growing on me as I give them life, and eventually, I will introduce you to them. I may even travel somewhere else in the book. Vacations are great, maybe to San Diego or to Barcelona. My characters will tell me where to go. But this blog’s focus is not about my writing, it is about idioms, so if you want to follow some of my story ideas, go to That is my author web page which is a work in progress and needs to be developed more. Stay tuned for that one. In between time, I am ready to roll with my blog. Once again, on Tuesdays and Fridays. I’ll be here.

Until then…have a great one!


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